Dark Green Stretch Silk Charmeuse Fabric for Dress Width 42 inch

  • Fabric Width 42 inch (108 cm), Content: 93% Silk(Mulberry Silk) ,7% Lycra(Spandex)
  • Industry Thickness : 19 m/m (Momme)
  • Unit of Sale: By the Yard or Meter. E.g – Customers should update quantity at checkout for each yard – (Qty:2 = 2 yards of fabric). Fabric is sold as one continuous piece.
  • Silk Charmeuse Fabric possesses not only the finest aesthetics, but retains the fluid sophistication most sought after in silk fabrics. At the top of its class, Charmeuse Fabric is a satin weave that allows this fabric to retain a soft feel and supple drape that most high-end designers crave. this fabric has many applications as it is composed of both a shiny face on one side and a matte face on the other.
  • NOT: The width is fixed and cannot be changed. It is only the length which can be changed.


Presenting a quality Fungi Stretch Silk Charmeuse made especially for YTFabric. Medium weight with an exquisite drape, this lustrous material is made that much more versatile given its added crosswise stretch. The ideal fabric for classic gowns, dresses, blouses and lingerie, silk charmeuse can also be used for superior linings.


By The Yard, By The Meter


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