12 PCS Peels Thread Spool Huggers and Savers

Peels Spool Huggers will keep your thread spools neat and tidy. Just wrap these bright colored Peels around your thread spool and no more loose ends getting tangled.

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– Single Size: Diameter 20 mm/0.79 in
– Weight: about 1.76oz/50g

– THE #1 ORIGINAL SPOOL HUGGER. Peels by YTFabric are the original thread organizers designed to keep thread tails from unraveling and loosing tension, so you will not end up with a tangled mess of threads again. YOUR PURCHASE IS BACKED BY OUR NO QUESTIONS ASK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

– TOP NOTCH QUALITY. We use the highest quality premium memory silicone for each of our thread organizers that will always spring back to shape after each use. Peels are flexible, reusable and designed to last a lifetime.

– EXPANDABLE TO FIT MOST THREAD SPOOLS. Peels thread organizers can fit most home sewing and embroidery thread spools, except large commercial or jumbo spools to prevent unraveling and keep your threads nice and tight. Peels are a lifesaver for anyone who loves to sew.


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