Six-strand Embroidery Floss Set
Embroidery concept

Embroidery floss is vibrant and engaging rainbow colors to meet your need for colors.

Six-strand Embroidery Floss Colors Card

Easy to identify floss with the Embroidery Thread Numbering Code. 

BEST Gift for DIY Lovers and Crafters.

Best Gift for DIY Lovers and Crafters.

Embroidery Floss for Cross Stitch Threads, Friendship Bracelets Floss, Aroic Craft Floss

Customers reviews

These are great, they do the job well, especially for a beginner. I just started doing some embroidery, and these threads are worth the price. They aren't super silky like the more expensive ones, but for the price I paid they are awesome.
I used these for cross stitching a design on a baby blanket. I got a VERY wide array of colours - vibrant, pastel, everything. I have not laundered the blanket but I did soap & soak the threads and press in papertowel to test colourfastness - so far, so good! I'm a very happy customer.
Mila Kunis
Lots of colors! These have come in handy over the last couple of days in many of my craft projects. I honestly use them for tons more things other than embroidery. I used some to sew on the arms and legs of my little needle felted moose I made! Worked great and I'm sure I will be using more soon.
Katie McCoy