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How To DIY a Bright Floral Stretch Silk Dress

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One of the best things about being a DIY'er is that we can look at something really expensive and know that we can create it ourselves for much less money. Today's inspiration is a Floral Silk Shantung Dress by BOSS Black available at Saks for $595. That's way out of my budget but the it wouldn't be too hard to knock off this lovely dress for about $80+. Totally affordable and you can make it exactly to your measurements for a perfect fit.

How to DIY a Bright Floral Dress

Step 1: The inspiration dress is gorgeous, simple and would look great on anyone. You'll wear this dress to afternoon weddings and fancy garden parties all summer long.

Step 2: Find a sewing pattern. The inspiration dress is a fairly simple silhouette and you probably already have a similar pattern in your stash. I am recommending that you use Simplicity 1873 View A. To really match the inspiration, you should make the skirt and sleeves less full (make the panels less wide) with just two pleats at the center front skirt.

Step 3: Find your fabric. The fabric shown above is YTFabric Floral Print from Fabric Depot. The fabric is 93% Silk/7% Spandex and only costs $39.69 a yard on sale.